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  • User documentation needs to be made, indicating how GO annotations can be filtered by users (e.g. alerting users to different annotation subsets IEAs/RCAs) [Working group to be established; including Harold and Amelia]. Manager: Rama and Emily.

AmiGO issue, QuickGO can do this.

  • ECO and GO evidence code documentation to be inline. Michelle and Evidence Code working group to investigate revamp of evidence codes. Manager: Emily and Rama

ISMB meeting OBI ontology – merge the two? Need to talk to Michelle about this. Ask Judy to report back on ISMB PRO meeting.

  • Go forward with using ECO as the source for evidence codes and cross-reference to OBI and clarify distinction between experimental and predicted and to include user guidance regarding reviewed vs. Nonreviewed datasets. [Michelle and Evidence Code working group] Manager: Emily and Rama
  • Make a document with the agreed rules on limiting usage of GO term ‘protein binding; GO:0005515. [Binding working group] Manager: Emily.


  • Look into using column 16 to capture targets in a more consistent manner as well as cases where you want to say a gp NOT binds a specific protein. [Column 16 working group]. Manager: Rama and Emily.

Rama to talk to Ruth and Judy (PRO) about this. Binding group has been discussing this, have not yet made a working group for this.

  • to investigate managing the automatic implementation of the protein binding rules centrally [Chris, Ben, Emily, Rama].

Bulk of rules will be in filtering script, Mike to implement. Reciprocal annotations - inferences made by another script, up to individual groups to incorporate them (cross-species interaction may not be possible for some).

  • Continue discussing the issue of 'drug' between now and the GO camp [Binding working group]. Manager: Emily
  • Work with IMEx to figure out how their annotations might be imported into GO [Emily, Chris].
  • improve the annotation guidelines based on feedback and analysis of the TB project [Rama].

Rachael/Rama to summarise findings of review of M. tuberculosis annotations and send all correspondence to GO managers.

  • GOC website redesign: We should think of examples of what we want to do with the website for the grant renewal