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To-do list from past


Rachael emailed Paul regarding linking to Panther subfamilies, e.g. PTHR11361_AN26, he says they will switch to linking to PanTree pages from their identifiers, e.g. in this format; In future releases of the PAINT GAFs, they'll be using the stable tree node id (e.g. PTN000145507) instead, but the URL construction rules will be the same. The basic URL also works with the stable IDs, e.g. already points to the same page as the PTHR11361_AN26 link above.

However, the xref_abbs file needs to be updated with the new PanTree URL, so we can start linking out to the subfamily pages - Rachael has emailed Paul about this. Suzi has now updated xref_abbs

  • Inter-ontology inferences
  • ECO proposal

Sent out for comment. Ask Michelle to send out to Biocurator list for comment. Bring up at the manager call.

  • QC checks

Rama waiting to hear from Mike.


  • Documentation
    • Col-16

First draft; Rachael to find out about valid relationships from Chris. Rama and Pascale to send comments to Rachael.

  • Annotation jamboree

To happen November 8th Rama has found three papers for everyone to annotate, collect annotations by Excel files. Annotations to be returned by 2nd November. Ask for as many curators as possible to annotate the papers.

  • Soft QC checks

Rama hasn't received responses from certain databases about how they display ND annotations. Clarify documentation on ND, what evidence codes are allowed to co-exist (IEA, ISS)? Discuss on a future annotation call.

  • Loading GAF files
    • help curators locate the file/SOP. Wait until after the grant is in before doing anything on this.

Look into setting up a Google alert from Gene Ontology calendar to remind curators when GAFs are loaded.

  • Protein binding- what next?
    • Check with Managers

No progress yet

  • Chain of Evidence

No progress yet