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To-do list from past

  • PAINT GAF- follow up with Pascale
    • Pascale will send email to curators/annotators about the PAING GAF (what is in the reference col, with column, what can be substituted for what etc). May be a help document on the GOC page is required.
  • Inter-ontology inferences- follow up with Chris (he shd generate a new file now that the pdb data can be dropped)
    • Files are in CVS now. Rama will follow up with Chris to see if an email can be fired when new files get into cvs.
  • ECO proposal -sent mail to Chris and Michelle (no response yet)- Rama will follow up with Chris etc. Possibly wrap into Chain of evidence proposal.
  • RGD:null -sent email to RGD. Waiting to hear from Jennifer.
    • Done. Rama also collected ND reference and updated the GO_refs page. Working on a QC check.
  • GAF 2.0- waiting to hear from MikeC.
    • Done
  • QC checks- need to send a summary to MikeC-
    • Given to MikeC. Rama will follow up.
  • need to send email to annotating groups about Internal references
    • Done
  • schedule meeting with Amelia to go over documentation/rearranging Websit
    • Done


  • Documentation
    • Rama is working on this. Needs more time.
  • Annotation jamborees
    • We will try to do 2 in a year. One paper based and one gene based.
    • Rama will send out a doodle poll to get day/time preference
  • Soft QC checks
    • Need Specs for Chris
  • Col-16
    • may be we need a working group?
  • Loading GAF files
    • help curators locate the file/SOP.
  • Protein binding- what next?
    • Check with Managers