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- ACTION for Rama. GO Camp: Need to collect all talks and summary slides on wiki page and put the summary onto the Annotation Advocacy wiki

- ACTION for Rama. Proposal to close all mailing lists and have one annotation mailing list. Rama to send email to Manager's list to propose merging certain mailing lists. See here: info. Try to get about 5 lists in total

- ACTION for Rama. Rama to ask Mike to start on QC checks, will send out email detailing checks to everybody

Overhaul of GOC website annotation documentation

- Annotation documentation is to be updated with guidelines from GO camp, get action items from summary slides from GO Camp. Could put some of the term-related items into GONUTs

- Rachael to take over Emily's community page, also have started work on the electronic annotation pages

- Rama to do manual annotation pages

Other items

- Rachael to send gohelp reminder in Rama's absence

- Manager's call will be next Wednesday June 30th 4pm (UK)