Annotation Conf. Call, June 26, 2012

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  • Rama, Dianna (SGD)
  • Emily, Rachael, Yasmin, Paola, Prudence, Tony, Sandra ORchard, Marijn, Jane- EBI
  • Dong Hui - TAIR
  • Ruth - UCL
  • Li, Mary - MGI
  • Kimberly - Worm
  • Peter - Reactome
  • Stan - RGD

1) Marijn Berg - project on improving protein binding annotations using InterPro domains

2) Hard QC check for IKR annotations. Annotations that violate the following rules will be filtered

  • Annotations with IKR ev.code should have NOT qualifier in Column 4
  • Annotations with GO_REF:0000047 should have an ID in column 8 (with/from)

3) Cell fraction terms Most of us are in agreement to obsolete these terms ( Please let us know if there are any outstanding issues/concerns. If not we can request the ontology editors to obsolete them.