Annotation Conf. Call, November 27, 2012

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  • Annotating to 'part' terms (nuclear_part, etc)(Jane)
    • Logically, the x-part terms are equivalent to their x counterparts for the purposes of standard GO annotation (i.e. without additional qualifiers).
    • We will add the part terms to the 'high-level terms not for annotation' category. Groups should therefore be prepared to migrate their annotations. We will send out an announcement.
    • We may retire these terms in the future at our discretion.
    • We are open to additional qualifiers to distinguish found-throughout vs found-in-some-part-of.
  • GAF check reports (Jenkins)-Chris
    • The Jenkins Rule engine generates a report using all the documented QC checks (
    • This rule engine flags both soft and hard checks.
    • Many of the errors are coming from GO_AR:0000014 "Valid GO term ID". Mike's script filters these out and we are doing a disservice to users by not loading into AmiGO.
    • Proposal is to fix them automatically where possibly (merges, obsolete terms where an automatic repair is possible).
  • Cardinality of Col-17 (Kimberley, Rama)
    • a paper shows SH3 domain binding for two out of three possible protein isoforms for a C. elegans gene. Can we put both IDs in one row (separated by|)? But Cardinality of col-17 is 0 or 1. Can cardinality be 0 or greater?