Annotation Conf. Call 2016-05-24

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Annotation Consistency Exercise

General information that should be discussed and agreed for guidelines

For a long time scientists have agreed that the level of an mRNA does not directly correlate with the level of a protein and this is, for the most part, reflected in the way that curators annotate experimental data. Similarly, the level of mRNA expression (which can be modulated e.g. by microRNAs) is not necessarily equivalent to the level of transcription; however, curators sometimes do not capture this distinction, especially when they take into consideration authors’ interpretation of results, i.e. the authors’ intent. With this in mind we would like to have an open discussion about how mRNA expression data is annotated.


(1) To understand how curators annotate non-high-throughput mRNA expression data

(2) To discuss how to improve consistency when annotating mRNA expression experiments

Word document with annotation exercises File:Expression Transcription Examples 17 05 16 BC2.docx.