Annotation Conf. Call 2018-09-11

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Meeting URL





  • The links to download the ontology will change. Right not what is in the website points to the daily snapshot release; it will be modified to point to the Official Monthly Release (date TBD).
  • If groups want to have the most up-to-date version of the ontology, they should get it directly from: (usually updated daily).

Maintaining Slim Subsets

  • Pascale has been trying to update information about GO slim subsets
  • Specifically, which subsets are still used and who is responsible for maintaining them
  • The information is present in yaml files in geneontology/go-ontology
  • When GO terms are obsoleted, part of the obsoletion notice indicates in which subsets the term is used
  • The editors will work with groups to make sure that, when necessary, the biological concept represented by the term is still present in the slim
  • Going forward, terms will consistently be removed from subsets when they are made obsolete

Montreal Meeting, October Wednesday, 17th - Friday, 19th

GO Conference Calls


  • Still will be Tuesdays at 8am PDT
  • Proposed meeting schedule:
    • 1st Tuesday: Alliance Biological Function
    • 2nd Tuesday: GO Consortium
    • 3rd Tuesday: Alliance Biological Function/GO-CAM Working Group
    • 4th Tuesday: GO-CAM Working Group
    • 5th Tuesday: ad hoc, as needed
  • One Zoom URL for all -