Annotation Conf. Call 2019-11-26

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Progress Reports

  • Reminder: due mid-December
  • Annotation Group Template
  • GO will generate annotation stats

Pipeline Reports

Noctua Form 2.0 Demo

Upcoming Meetings

  • Pathways2GO - NYU, December 2nd-4th
  • Alliance F2F and SAB - Cambridge, MA, December 9th - 12th


  • Present: Dave F, David H, Edith, Giulia, Harold, Karen, Kimberly, Laurent-Philippe, Leonore, Michele, Niels, Pascale, Patrick, Penelope, Petra, Seth, Shur-Jen, Stacia, Stan, Suzi A, Val

activated_by annotation extensions

  • Petra suggested we look at some specific examples that may not be immediately amenable to re-annotating with an MF 'binding' term
  • Pascale will create a ticket in go-annotation so we can track discussion in the ticket