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# REDIRECT [[Deprecated_relations]]
#REDIRECT: [[Deprecated_relations]]

=Note that this relation has been deprecated=
=Note that this relation has been deprecated=

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Note that this relation has been deprecated


The relationship that links an entity with a Molecular Function or Biological Process in which the entity participates in the Function or Process by serving as the continuant that is responsible for the execution of the Function or Process.




Child terms

  • None

Scope of use


BFO:0000007 ! process (Biological Process or Molecular Function)

Local Range

CL:0000000 (cell), GO:0005575 (cellular component), PO:0025131 (plant anatomical entity), UBERON:0001062 (anatomical entity), WBbt:0004017 (cell), WBbt:0005766 (anatomy)

Annotation Extension Usage Examples

Annotation Extension Usage Examples

1. Recording the cell type that is the agent in a secretion process

Gene Name (col 2) GO ID (col 5) Reference (col 6) Evidence (col 7) With (col 8) Annotation Extension (col 16)
A2A7Q8 GO:0072643 interferon-gamma secretion ECO:0000315 has_agent(CL:0000623 natural killer cell)

2. Recording the agent involved in a transport process

Gene Name (col 2) GO ID (col 5) Reference (col 6) Evidence (col 7) With (col 8) Annotation Extension (col 16)
F1PRN2 GO:0061502 early endosome to recycling endosome transport ECO:0000314 has_agent(GO:0005884; (actin filament))

(Question - could this be better recorded in the ontology?)

Using examples to demonstrate Folding_and_Unfolding using the relationship has_agent

Folded/unfolded DB (Col 2) Object (Col 3) GO ID (Col 5) Reference (Col 6) Extension (Col 16) Parent terms for new folded GO term
Unfolded A2A7Q8 GO:0072643 interferon-gamma secretion has_agent(CL:0000623 natural killer cell)
Folded A2A7Q8 ?? is_a GO:0002370 natural killer cell cytokine production

OWL class expression:

interferon-gamma secretion and has_agent some 'naural killer cell'

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