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Identifies a requirement under which the gene product is located at the specified cellular component.

==Child terms==

* None

==Scope of use==


The GO editors have agreed that this relation should be deprecated.  The relation does not extend the meaning of the GO term, as annotation relations are meant to, but instead specifies conditions under which the annotation is true.  This can not be expressed in OWL.  Annotation extensions using this relation will not fold.

Comment - Could some existing uses of this extension be captured instead by annotating to an identifier that represents a modified version of the gene product, e.g. a protein localizes to one cellular component in one form, while another cellular component in another form, i.e. phosphorylated on residue R?  This could possibly replace extensions like localization_dependent_on(peptidyl-serine phosphorylation)? --Kimberly


GO:0005575 ! cellular component


[[ENTITY_UNION:0000007]] ! chemical, gene product, complex, cellular component, biological process, molecular function, modification or sequence feature

==Annotation Extension Usage Examples==


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