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'''This relation is obsolete'''
'''This relation is obsolete'''

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This relation is obsolete

Annotation Extension Usage Examples

Direct Activation of Bax by p53 Mediates Mitochondrial Membrane Permeabilization and Apoptosis

Statement from paper:

...we examined the effect of p53 on isolated mitochondria with and without Bax. Neither recombinant monomeric Bax nor native p53UVIP induced cytochrome c release on its own; however, incubation of mitochondria with both proteins caused cytochrome c release (Fig. 2B).

Gene Name (col 2) GO ID (col 5) Reference (col 6) Evidence (col 7) Annotation Extension (col 16)
Q07812 GO:0090200 positive regulation of release of cytochrome c from mitochondria PMID:14963330 IDA

requires_regulator(UniProtKB:P04637 p53)