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Annotation Documentation

Annotation Guidelines

General Annotation Documentation

Topic Status Last reviewed
General introduction to GO annotation - GO website Current 2021-01-27
Elements of an annotation Current 2019-04-11
Guide to GO Evidence Codes Current 2018-02-23
 GO_REFs index GO metadata documentation
Tips to Produce High Quality Annotations Current 2019-04-11
Annotation Relations Under review 2023-09-05
Annotation Extensions
Annotation Extensions - Summary  Current 2021-06-10
Annotation Extensions To be reviewed
Annotation Extension: Capturing cell and tissue types To be reviewed
Annotation Extension: Capturing participants To be reviewed

Topic-Specific Guidelines

Topic Status Last reviewed
Regulation of gene expression
Transcription factors annotation manual Current 2021-06-09
MicroRNA_GO_annotation_manual Current 2023-07-19
lncRNA_GO_annotation_manual Current 2024-05-31
SiRNA_GO_annotation_manual Current 2024-05-31
PiRNA_GO_annotation_manual Current 2024-05-31
Chromatin remodeling  In progress  2022-08-23
Other Biological Processes
Apoptosis Curation Manual To be reviewed 2015-03-22
Intracellular signaling cassettes  Draft  
 Ligand-receptor pathways To be reviewed > 5 years old
Annotating regulation To be reviewed > 5 years old
Annotating downstream processes Draft
Guidelines for checkpoints To be reviewed
Response to x annotation guidelines To be reviewed
Multi-species processes To be reviewed
Molecular Function
Non-catalytic Molecular Functions Current 2022-05-19
 Binding Draft 2020-05-04
Experiment-Specific Annotation Guidelines
Subcellular localization Draft
 Phenotypes Current 2018-12-18
Cellular components
Protein-containing complexes Current 2023-08-30

Noctua and GO-CAM

Topic Status Last reviewed
GO-CAM Overview and Curation Strategy Draft 2023-05-24
Noctua Curation Guide Current 2021-
ART Documentation Current 2021-05-26
Importing MOD annotations into Noctua Draft 2021-

Annotation quality control

Topic Status Last reviewed
Annotation Review Request Current 2022-04-22
Annotation maintenance Current 2020-08-20
Proposal for Author Feedback for annotations  Draft  2019-04-16
QC procedures from contributing groups Draft 2019-03-14

Guidelines for new Groups/new submissions

Topic Status Last reviewed
General guidance to submit annotations to the GO consortium Under review > 5 years ago

Protein2GO specific processes

Focused annotation projects


Intro to GO

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