Apoptosis Content Meeting June 2011

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Please suggest agenda items, relevant papers and other information relating to apoptosis GO terms that you would like discussed at this meeting.


GO Annotators Remote Participants GO Editorial Office Apoptosis Experts
Dr Emily Dimmer (GOA)
Dr Rachael Huntley (GOA)
Dr Ruth Lovering (BHF-UCL)
Dr Susan Tweedie (FlyBase)
Dr Marcus Chibucos (IGS/ECO)
Dr Ranjana Kishore (WormBase/Caltech)
Dr Jane Lomax
Dr Rebecca Foulger
Dr Paola Roncaglia
Dr Gabriela Imreh
Dr Carmela Dell'Aversana
Dr Luca Grieco

Where and When

Date: Wednesday 1st June, 2011.

Where: EMBL-EBI (IT Training Area and Hall View Room)

  • Travel instructions to the EBI, The Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire CB10 1SD [2]


  • Minutes: Rachael Huntley

9:00 Registration and Tea and Coffee (IT Training Area on the ground floor, same as APO-SYS Data Management Meeting)
9:15 Welcome and introduction (Hall View Room, First Floor) Paola
9:30 Introduction to GO Paola
Definition and Scope of Apoptosis
Classification of Programmed Cell Death
Placement of Apoptosis GO terms and suggested GO term definitions
10:40am Coffee break
11:20am Intrinsic apoptosis
Apoptosis-related genes
Regulation of Apoptosis
12:30pm Lunch (IT Training Area on the ground floor, same as APO-SYS Data Management Meeting)
1:30pm Back to Hall View Room, First Floor
Apoptosis in morphogenesis
Apoptosis in different species
3:10 pm Coffee break
Pathogen-induced apoptosis
Wrap-up and Action Items
5:30pm Close and Thank you!