Apoptosis Content Meeting June 2011

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Please suggest agenda items, relevant papers and other information relating to apoptosis GO terms that you would like discussed at this meeting.


GO Annotators Remote Participants GO Editorial Office APO-SYS Consortium
Dr Emily Dimmer (GOA)
Dr Rachael Huntley (GOA)
Dr Ruth Lovering (BHF-UCL)
Dr Susan Tweedie (FlyBase)
Dr Marcus Chibucos (IGS/ECO)
Dr Ranjana Kishore (WormBase/Caltech)
Dr Jane Lomax
Dr Rebecca Foulger
Dr Paola Roncaglia
Dr Samuel Kerrien (EBI)
Dr Gabriela Imreh
Dr Carmela Dell'Aversana
Dr Luca Grieco

Where and When

Date: Wednesday 1st June, 2011.

Where: EMBL-EBI (IT Training Area and Hall View Room)

  • Travel instructions to the EBI, The Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire CB10 1SD [2]


  • Minutes: Rachael Huntley

9:00 Registration and Tea and Coffee (IT Training Area on the ground floor, same as APO-SYS Data Management Meeting)
9:15 Welcome and introduction (Hall View Room, First Floor) Paola
9:30 Aims of Apoptosis GO project Paola
Introduction to GO Paola
Definition and scope of apoptosis; classification of programmed cell death mechanisms; intrinsic apoptosis
Placement of apoptosis GO terms and suggested GO term definitions
10:40am Coffee break
11:20am Regulation of apoptosis: what regulates apoptosis, but is not apoptosis itself?
Negative regulation of apoptosis vs. anti-apoptosis
Apoptosis-related genes
12:30pm Lunch (IT Training Area on the ground floor, same as APO-SYS Data Management Meeting)
1:30pm Back to Hall View Room, First Floor
Apoptosis in morphogenesis
Apoptosis in different species
Cell-type specific apoptosis
3:10 pm Coffee break
Pathogen-induced apoptosis
Wrap-up and action items
5:30pm Close and Thank you!