April 2015 GOC Teleconference Agenda and Logistics

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  • Call runs April 1, from 11am to 12:30pm EDT
  • Call-in information / screen sharing: We will use Bluejeans teleconferencing software for audio and video and WILL NOT use the GO conference line. We will use Bluejeans for screen sharing also. If attendees have a question they should post it on the chat window and they will answered in order.


Introduction (11:00 - 11:05) (GO PI's)

Discussion of priorities for calendar year 2015 (11:05 - 11:30) (GO PI's)

  • Common Annotation Framework/Environment (CAF/E)
    • Goal: LEGO annotation and text mining support in production starting Sept 1 (CAF/E)
    • Milestone 1: version of each component that can be used by curation test team
    • Milestone 2: Integration of components into Common Annotation Framework/Environment
    • Preliminary results on javascript PAINT as part of CAF/E
  • Phylogenetic annotation
    • meet production goals: annotate 1/3 of genes this grant year
    • software for updating annotations to reflect changes in gene sets, experimental annotations and ontology
  • Metrics for value/impact of GO data
    • Categorize and quantify usage of GO in published papers
    • Annotation quality metric and assessment
  • Monitoring and assessing our support for users
    • User survey
    • Website usability study
    • Enrichment Analysis: Documentation, UI improvement

Talk by Paul Pavlidis, UBC (11:30 - 12:15)

The use of GO in data analysis: can we raise the bar?

Other agenda items (12:15 - 12:30)

  • Update on AmiGO/GO website Behave testing framework (Mary/Seth/Chris)
  • Upcoming Consortium meeting in Washington DC


Please sign up so we know who can attend.

Name Organization
Rama Balakrishnan Stanford University, SGD
David Hill The Jackson Laboratory, MGI
Harold Drabkin The Jackson Laboratory, MGI
Kimberly Van Auken Cal Tech, Wormbase
Paul Thomas USC
Judy Blake JAX
Mary Dolan The Jackson Laboratory, MGI
Huaiyu Mi USC
Moni Munoz-Torres Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, BBOP
Seth Carbon Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, BBOP
Chris Mungall Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, BBOP
Tanya Berardini Phoenix Bioinformatics, TAIR
Eva Huala Phoenix Bioinformatics, TAIR
Donghui Li Phoenix Bioinformatics, TAIR
Doug Howe ZFIN
Sabrina Toro ZFIN
Pascale Gaudet GOC / neXtProt
Birgit Meldal IntAct / Complex Portal
Aleks Shypitsyna UniProt-GOA, EMBL-EBI
Li Ni The Jackson Laboratory, MGI
Dmitry Sitnikov The Jackson Laboratory, MGI
Rebecca Foulger UCL
Tom Hayman RGD
Mary Shimoyama RGD
Helen Attrill FlyBase
Shur-Jen Wang RGD
Ruth Lovering UCL
Karen Christie The Jackson Laboratory, MGI
Midori Harris PomBase