CamEds Ontology meeting 2012-07-17

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function results_in process?

Stems from this SF request:

GO:0090072 positive regulation of sodium ion transport via voltage-gated sodium channel activity

to me sounds like it should be:

is_a positive regulation of sodium ion transport [which it is], is_a voltage-gated sodium channel activity

with link (and xp)

voltage-gated sodium channel activity results_in positive regulation of sodium ion transport

Where do we stand on "function results_in process" links?

Neurological processes and components

This was initially proposed as a project to develop with medium priority. It is in the timeline for 2012 but we haven't started on it yet (though Paola worked on some terms in 2011). So this is just to check if it's ok to keep this project for later on, or if it should be included in the general planning/resource allocation: