Causally upstream of, negative effect

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Overview and Scope of Use

  • The 'causally upstream of, negative effect' relation is used to relate GO Biological Processes (BP) and/or GO Molecular Functions (MF) when:
    • the mechanism that relates the upstream process (BP or MF) to the downstream process (BP or MF) is understood enough to know that the upstream process is not part of the downstream process
    • the activities of the gene products in the upstream process occur before some event in the downstream process
    • the execution of the upstream event impinges on the downstream event by decreasing its execution

Annotation Usage Guidelines

  • What to capture
  • What not to capture


  • mRNA decapping enzymes generally act on messages that repress translation and target them to P bodies for degradation. This is part of normal mRNA turnover in the cell and is not specific to individual RNAs. This process would be causally upstream and have a negative effect on the functions of the proteins encoded by the RNAs. reference link

Ontology Usage Guidelines

Relations Ontology

causally upstream of, negative effect

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