Danio rerio (Retired)

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L - Total Publications

The total number of publications ZFIN has associated with a gene for any reason. This is the corpus of papers that discuss the gene in any context. The gene-paper association is established by a curator when they curate the paper. Our literature base is small enough that I suspect this number is fairly close to the complete corpus for a given gene, excluding the most recent papers (We are typically about 1-3 months behind the current literature).

M - Triaged papers

ZFIN curators do not triage papers, so this column will remain empty

N - Number of papers read

This number represents the count of pubs from column L that have been checked for GO annotation. When new pubs are added to genes, the curator responsible for curation of that pub will curate GO from it if there is any, so all new papers are curated for GO. I am doing the back-curation of older pubs to be sure they are also examined. Once a pub is examined, it is counted in this column whether it produced GO annotation or not. A ratio of 1 for columns L:N indicates the gene is curated to completion, and will remain that way into the future as new pubs are added.

O - Number of papers producing GO annotations

I have no easy way of getting this number from our interface short of manually counting. I have put in a request to get this number for the Ref Genome genes via a query. Don't know when it will happen..when it does..I'll update the D.rerio spreadsheet with those numbers.