Data Capture Call 2016-08-10

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  • Has everyone looked over and contributed their comments to the Request a paper for Annotation form? Or is this the finalized form and are we ready to make it available to the public? The form can be found at
  • There are a number of pending ToDos from previous calls. Have these been addressed?
    • From 2016-05-10 and 2016-06-08:
      • Update the Ad hoc contributions page with the form Ruth & Seth designed:
        • Seth has already looked into sending the current results (table format) to a GitHub issue, working on a scraper to pick up the data on a Google Spreadsheet. Now we need to make a little time to finalize the formats/what we want to capture.
        • Seth is also working on this Contributor data pool document on Github, as an experimental, freestanding structured resource for external data contributors. Have these discussions already taken place?
          • Discuss how to keep track of the quality of the data we consume: Syntactic check ? Semantic check ? Check the biology manually ?
          • Discuss maintenance of datasets in the long term: what happens when annotations become stale and submitting groups have disappeared?
        • The Ad hoc contributions page has not yet been updated.
      • Regarding training material, ToDo: let’s gather materials currently available from Claire, Ruth, Melanie, and Moni.
      • Flowchart: Kimberly has worked on simplifying the flowchart. A few questions remain:
        • Step 1: check what exists, centralized place QuickGO/AmiGO
        • Step 2: information is complete / nonexistent / incomplete
        • Regarding the scale of submissions, ToDo: At the beginning of the flowchart, add a question about whether groups plan to submit a “one-time” dataset or recurring submissions.

See notes for next meeting at Data Capture Call 2016-08-24