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  • Where the process exists it must include the function.
  • The is_a children of the function are not necessarily ever part of the process. Transitivity does not operate over is_a in this way.

part_of graph:

[i] = is_a
[p] = part_of

---[i]Ford car
------[p]Ford wheel
------[i]Ford wheel
------[i]Toyota wheel


  • Where the function exists it must be part of the process
  • Where is_a children of the function exist they must also be part of the process.

has_part graph:

[hp] = has_part

---[hp]Ford car
  • The has_part graph is upside down because transitivity across is_a always runs bottom right to top left, rather than small things being bottom left and big things being top right.
  • In the case of the has_part graph transitivity says that a car always has a wheel but not that a wheel is always part of a car.