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Here is a pdf outlining how IEA and RCA annotation is done at MGI


EVELYN: According to the GO Consortium guidelines any GO annotation that is created by electronic strategies should have appended to it the GO evidence code 'inferred from electronic annotation' (IEA). Electronic annotation is a very efficient way of annotating large datasets with GO terms. Each of the GOC databases uses a series of GO mapping files ... (will write more 2moro...Ev)


Figure 1. The large-scale assignment of GO terms to UniProtKB entries uses existing information within UniProtKB database entries and series of manual mappings.


Evelyn's flowchart 30/02/07 File:IEA flowchart draft2.ppt
Evelyn's flowchart 7/3/7 draft 3 by Jen File:IEA flowchart draft3.ppt
Evelyn and Michelle's flowcharts together File:ISS and IEA.ppt

Image below:
IEA flowchart draft3 Image.png