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Immunology Home Page

Immunologically Important Genes Listed by Priority Score

In order to create a list of prioritized genes of immunological significance, we combined four separately curated lists of genes related to the functioning of the immune system

1. ImmPort available here

2. IRIS (2)

3. Immunome available here, (3)

4. "MapK" - signaling molecules involved in the innate immune response (personal communication from Fiona Roche, Ph.D., Simon Fraser University)

The resulting list has 3690 genes. Each gene on a list received 2 points for being on that list.

Four other lists were used to provide additional prioritization

1. Genes shown to be regulated by an inflammatory stimulus in leukocytes as determined by microarray (4). Each gene from the combined list above got 1 point for being on this list.

2. Genes associated with OMIM records (OMIM). Each gene got 1 point for being on this list.

3. Genes found on a list of the top 1000 genes requested over a six month period from Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI). Each gene got 1-3 points for being on this list, depending on the number of hits. Genes were mapped to human orthologs.

4. Genes corresponding to protein sequences requested from UniProt annotated to GO "immune response" list over a one year period (UniProt). Each gene got 0-3 points for being on this list, depending on the number of hits. Hits for mouse proteins were combined with the hits for the orthologous human proteins.

A total of 1326 genes were initially selected for wiki page creation, including all genes with scores of 5 and above and a small number of genes with a score of 4.

Users of the wiki are encouraged to nominate additional genes. Please add the genes names to the bottom of the appropriate index page for genes beginning with the same letter.