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Many groups associated with and outside the GOC consume the resources produced by GO, such as the gene_ontology_edit.obo file and the association files. Any major changes to these files are signaled in advanced on the gofriends list. We also would like to track the persons in charge of the technical aspects of the various different MOD databases in order to make sure they are prepared for forthcoming changes.


  • siddhartha-basu AT northwestern DOT edu
  • pgaudet AT northwestern DOT edu

Schema: Chado


  • Mike Cherry (cherry AT stanford DOT edu)
  • Ben Hitz ( hitz AT genome DOT stanford AT edu)
  • Eurie Hong (eurie AT genome DOT stanford DOT edu)
  • Gail Binkley (gail AT genome DOT stanford DOT edu)
  • GO-ADMIN (go-admin AT genome DOT stanford DOT edu)



  • Victoria Petri vpetri at mcw dot edu
  • Mary Shimoyama shimoyama at mcw dot edu


  • Alex Stoddard (astoddard at mcw dot edu)


  • Simon Twigger simont at mcw dot edu


  • David Miers <dbm AT informatics DOT jax DOT org>
  • Jim Kadin <jak AT informatics DOT jax DOT org>
  • David Hill <dph AT informatics DOT jax DOT org>


  • Dan Barrell
  • David Binns


  • Ranjana Kishore <ranjana@caltech.edu>
  • Kimberly Van Auken <vanauken@caltech.edu>



  • s.tweedie AT gen.cam.ac.uk


  • emmert AT morgan.harvard.edu
  • p.leyland AT gen.cam.ac.uk

Schema: Chado

GR (Gramene)

  • Pankaj Jaiswal
  • Liya Ren : ren at cshl dot edu>.

All organisms/GeneDB

  • Martin Aslett maa AT sanger DOT ac DOT uk


(S.pombe, P.falciparum, L.major, T.brucei, ...)

  • Valerie Wood <val AT sanger DOT ac DOT uk>
  • Martin Aslett <maa AT sanger DOT ac DOT uk>


  • ?

E. coli

E. coli has no single MOD. Several comprehensive database efforts are out there. The major ones in the US include

  • EcoCyc. Peter Karp, SRI
  • EcoGene Kenn Rudd, Miami
  • ASAP. There are two ASAP sites.
    • ERIC BRC John Greene, SRA. This is part of the NIAID-funded BRC program.
    • ASAP Nicole Perna, Wisconsin
  • EcoliHub Barry Wanner, Purdue. EcoliHub is supposed to help researchers find things among the many redundant E. coli sites.
    • EcoliWiki is the community curation component of EcoliHub. Jim Hu, Texas A&M (jimhu at tamu.edu). Jim Hu and Debby Siegele at EcoliWiki are working with GOC on Reference Genomes.

Additional information about other E. coli databases can be found at the EcoliHub website. User curation of the list of E. coli databases can be done at EcoliWIki


  • Sierra Moxon [technical contact] (staylor AT cs DOT uoregon DOT edu)
  • Doug Howe [curatorial contact] (dhowe AT cs DOT uoregon DOT edu)


  • Cynthia Lee (leech AT stanford DOT edu) : technical contact
  • Tanya Berardini (tberardi AT acoma DOT stanford DOT edu) : curator contact


  • gopinath AT cshl.edu
  • eustachi AT cshl.edu

Institute for Genome Sciences

  • Michelle Gwinn Giglio (mgiglio AT som DOT umaryland DOT edu)

J. Craig Venter Institute


  • Scott Durkin (sdurkin AT jcvi DOT org)
  • Ramana Madupu (rmadupu AT jcvi DOT org)


  • Linda Hannick (lhannick AT jcvi DOT org)


Genomic Research Group at CRIBI Biotechnology Centre (University of Padova, Italy) [CRIBI web site http://genomics.cribi.unipd.it]

  • Giorgio Valle
  • Nicola Vitulo
  • Erika Feltrin