GO-CAM Conference Call - 2019-03-19

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Meeting URL

  • Please see the GO's Google calendar
  • Contact Kimberly if you do not have access to the GO calendar


GOC Meeting, Cambridge, UK, April 11th and 12th

  • Fill out Google form for dinner choices, if attending the Thursday night dinner

MOD Import into Noctua

Other Noctua Updates


  • Coming to noctua-dev for testing (Tremayne):
    • New version of the Noctua form
    • Noctua annotation review tool
  • Feature in development (Laurent-Philippe):
    • Model copying


  • On call: Chris, David, Dmitry, Dustin, Edith, Elena, Giulia, Harold, Jim, Karen, Kevin, Kimberly, Marie-Claire, Monika, Petra, Rob, Sabrina, Seth, Shur-Jen, Stacia, Suzi, Tanya

Discussion of Import SOP and Rules

  • We discussed the MOD imports and, in particular, reviewed the rules documentation on the wiki.
  • All groups are encouraged to start looking at the Annotation Extension spreadsheet where Dustin has listed extensions that don't fit the current set of rules to see if those extensions need revision or if we need a new rule.
  • A a few questions that came up:
    • Will HTP annotations be included in the imports?
      • Yes, as long as they correspond to the manual parent evidence codes.
    • How will annotation metadata be handled?
      • Right now, as comments. Future work may be done to refine how these are represented.
    • Should groups stop using 'has regulation target' in their current annotations?
      • No, but it's still worthwhile to check to see how consistently that relation was used within a group to make sure that you don't: 1) lose information, or 2) create incorrect models, upon import.
    • What is the evidence on the root MF nodes created for relating a gene to a BP?
      • The evidence will be the same as the evidence for the gene's relationship to the BP.
    • Will inferred (deepened) annotations be included in the GPAD output?
      • Yes, but part of the testing will be to compare input and output annotations for any differences.
    • Will annotations to regulation terms without an extension be imported 'as is' or modeled similarly to those with an extension?
      • Annotations to regulation terms without an extension will be imported 'as is'.