GO-CAM Conference Call - 2019-03-26

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Meeting URL

  • Please see the GO's Google calendar
  • Contact Kimberly if you do not have access to the GO calendar


GOC Meeting, Cambridge, UK, April 11th and 12th


  • DEADLINE - Thursday, March 28th
  • Register for meeting
  • Fill out Google form for dinner choices, if attending the Thursday night (April 11th) dinner


MOD Import into Noctua

Other Noctua Updates


  • Coming to noctua-dev for testing (Tremayne):
    • New version of the Noctua form
    • Noctua annotation review tool


  • On call: Birgit, David H, Dmitry, Edith, Harold, Karen C, Kevin M, Kimberly, Laurent-Philippe, Li, Marie-Claire, Monika, Pascale, Paul T, Rob, Ruth, Sabrina, Stacia

MOD Annotation Pipelines

  • We would like groups to provide more detailed information on their IEA pipelines.
  • There is now a folder in the GO Annotation drive for groups to add docs on their IEA pipelines.

Noctua MOD Imports

  • We discussed the MGI and WB work on importing their manual annotations into Noctua as gene-specific GO-CAMs.
  • A few issues we discussed:
    • There was concern about how much work is going into making annotations consistent before import and that the import rules are quite complicated.
      • Much of the consistency work is centered on making annotation extensions consistent, as there are sometimes different ways to express something and we're trying to minimize the number of rules we write.
    • Not all groups are immediately migrating to Noctua, but we still want consistency in representation of biology.
      • As we work through the corresponding GPAD output of the imported annotations, we will have a better idea of exactly what extensions are created and which we'll want to keep.
      • We can then align this with the annotation extensions allowed in other tools, such as Protein2GO.
    • Annotation extension use cases
      • Are there any annotation extension use cases that won't be covered by GO-CAM representation?
        • If curators can think of any, please bring them to the next GO-CAM call.
      • The goal of the imports is not to lose any annotation extension information, but to make sure it's imported in a consistent and biologically accurate way.