GO-CAM July 26th, 2017

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Update on Proposal for a Tabular Editing Interface


Discussion of Models, Inferred Annotations, and GPAD Output


  • On call: Chris, David H, Edith, Emily, Harold, Jim, Kevin, Pascale, Paul T., Sabrina, Sage, Seth, Suzi, Terry

Update on Proposal for a Tabular Editing Interface

  • This form is being designed for performing simple GO annotations
    • Not meant to be a Protein2GO replacement, but will make it easier to perform simple GO annotation
  • Development is coming along
  • Will be a simple read-write, row-based editor
  • Probably best suited for simple models
  • Question: how tightly is this coupled to DOSDPs?
    • In order to get something up now, the form editor will not be based on DOSDPs
    • In the future, these will be more closely aligned
    • There may, however, be an attempt to create simple annotons, where possible - but this does not have to be a priority right now
    • But note that the back-end model of Noctua
  • Question: will the form deal with annotation extensions?
    • Also, will be dealt with in the future