GO-CAM Noctua Call 2018-03-14

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Meeting URL


Progress Towards Noctua 1.0 Release

Simple Annoton Editor

  • Review tickets on github tracker
  • Incorporating annotation rules into the SAE
    • What plans do we have for this enhancement?

Consumer Interface, Downloads

  • Any items we want to discuss at this point?


  • On call: David H., Dustin, Edith, Harold, Jim, Karen, Kevin, Kimberly, Laurent-Phillipe, Liz, Pascale, Paul T., Rob, Sabrina, Sage, Seth, Stacia, Suzi A., Suzi L., Tom

Progress Towards Noctua 1.0 Release

Annotation Extension Relations

  • Some relations that are currently used in annotation extensions are not available in the editors
  • How should these be handled in Noctua?
    • For example, 'has regulation target'
      • This has a property chain in go_rel of: regulates o has_participant
      • Do these property chains need to be reviewed?
      • If we want these, do we need SWRL rules?
    • Remove these relations from the 1.0 requirements
    • Look at their usage in conventional annotations; prioritize by most commonly used
      • Regulation of transcription would be a good place to start
      • We have input from this from Astrid
    • Map conventional annotations to GO-CAM models
    • Fit conventional annotation extensions to fit with GO-CAM representation
    • Idea here it to work towards revising conventional annotations to fit GO-CAM, not the other way around

GPAD Export Pipeline

  • Derived GPAD annotations need to be slurped up by the corresponding MOD or UniProt
  • Models available for slurping should only be production models
  • If curators use UniProtKB accessions for mouse annotations, for example, how would this work?
  • What should the pipeline be?
    • GO-CAM -> GPAD (id-collated) -> ID source -> organism/project-specific database
  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uR_32I2PYwGl6wZcmENETBV1GsgVtDx_xiHv5fr4xWE/edit
  • Who is ready to test the pipeline?
    • MGI
    • WB

Any Curators Still Not Associated with a Group?

  • Need to check users.yaml
  • Being associated with a group needs to be a prerequisite for annotating in Noctua
  • Older models still need to be re-assigned to a group
  • Seth, Jim, and Dustin (?) will look into this and see what models still need groups

Simple Annoton Editor

Proposal(s) for Consumer Interface, Downloads