GO-CAM Noctua Call 2018-05-09

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Meeting URL


Progress Towards Noctua 1.0 Release

Review Schedule of Talks for GOC Meeting

Noctua Form

  • Review tickets on github tracker
  • Planning to integrate code with Noctua later this week
  • Karen and Kimberly have tested many features
  • A few small things left to address for 1.0
  • Other issues to discuss for the next release
    • Editing
    • Model searching
    • Protein complexes
    • TPC integration
    • More real-time error checks

Derived GPAD Output

  • Causal relations in GPAD output
  • Annotation extensions to include
  • Results of syntax check from Tony S. at UniProt
    • Qualifier list
    • Annotation extensions white list
    • Obsolete GO IDs
    • IPI annotations: With/From vs has_input AE
    • Evidence codes that don't map to three-letter GO codes
    • Do not annotate or Do not manually annotate subsets

Annotation SOPs

Annotation Templates

  • We need to give curators templates of common biological processes so we can get consistent annotation
  • Examples:
    • Transcription
  • Do we need a separate working group for this?


  • On call: Barbara, Dustin, Edith, Harold, Jim, Karen, Kimberly, Pascale, Rob, Seth, Stacia, Tremayne, Ben