GO-CAM October 25th, 2017

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  • What constitutes a 'contribution'?
  • I (Kimberly) have opened some models to look at what other curators have created and either moved annotons to see something better or looked at the annotation preview and then notice the asterisk in the browser tab.
    • Should I be saving here? What would happen if I don't save?
    • I haven't made any real contribution to the model so it seems wrong to now have my orcid listed.

GPAD Outputs

  • ACTION ITEM: on a future GO-CAM call, review the Inference Explanations for some models


Attribution with GO-CAM exports to GOC annotation files

Simple Annoton Editor

dealing with blank MF in the simple annoton editor

Extend form to include standard GO-CAM model fields

Bare MF annotation should generate part-of triples

  • Editor enhancements to come:
    • Ability to add basic set of annotation extensions, e.g. has_input for an MF
    • Ability to just add a CC annotation and get the resulting part_of annotation in the graphical interface


  • On call: Edith, Harold, Kimberly, Li, Pascale, Rob N., Sabrina, Sage, Seth, Stacia, Suzi

GPAD Outputs


Simple Annoton Editor