GO-CAM Sept 13, 2017

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Table Editor Workbench

  • Feedback from anyone using it?

Annotation Provenance

  • Review of how attribution is assigned for Noctua annotations
    • de novo annotations
    • imported annotations using function and component companions

Annotating with any UniProtID

  • Use add individual functionality

On the Call

HJD, Edith, Karen, Sage, DavidH, Rob, TJackson

Table Editor

Karen has put in a few tickets. Moving the with field next to the evidence code. Make the with field a list of relevant identifiers. If you leave the molecular function blank, it makes and annotation to a generic molecular function and gives an ND evidence code. But there is no reference, so nothing propagates.It would be better to put no evidence and have the curator add the evidence on the canvas.

Harold put in a ticket about going back and forth between the table and the canvas and seeing spurious gene product boxes on the canvas. This seems to have been fixed. Karen didn't see this. The presence of the boxes didn't seem to hurt anything.


No one on the call has tested the provenance. It would be good to see that in the annotation preview. It would be nice to see as much information that we can that will end up in the GPAD in the preview.

UniProtKB identifiers

If someone tries to use a suffixed UniProtKB identifier, there is no entity in NEO. There is also and issue putting UniProtKB identifiers in the 'with' field. In some cases is resolves to the gene and in some cases it doesn't. It never resolves with an MGI identifier. It might work with human.