GO-CAM Working Group Call 2018-06-19

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Meeting URL




  • User accounts
  • Groups



Proposal for this group

  • Focus on specific, commonly used curation modules
    • For example, transcription, signaling pathways, metabolic pathways
  • Groups will annotate papers of their own choosing
  • We will discuss representation of the data in GO-CAMs, and any questions or issues that arise
    • Choosing the appropriate relation
    • Assigning evidence
  • Give feedback to tool developers, ontology editors based on our discussions
  • Develop additional documentation


  • On call: Dustin, Giulia, Jim, Kimberly, Laurent-Philippe, Penelope, Rob, Sabrina, Sandy L, Stacia, Suzi A, Suzi L


  • Current landing page provides links to form and graph editors
  • Landing page under development provides additional model search functionality, links to curator reports, information about GO terms in models
    • Could be used to help identify related curation and experts who can review models on specific areas of biology
  • Sabrina asked about what happens to group affiliation on older models if a curator is no longer with that group?
    • Check with Seth, but the group affiliation at the time of model curation will likely remain unless the curator specifically requests that it be changed - use the noctua-models tracker to do this
    • Removing an affiliation from a users.yaml entry should not affect affiliations in existing models


  • Noctua does not yet have taxon restrictions for annotation
    • Will be added in the future
  • gp2term relations for legacy annotations
    • High priority for this summer is to address existing BP annotations and develop as many rules-based approaches for applying new relations as possible
    • Whatever annotations are left will need to be manually reviewed by curators

Curation Projects for this Group

  • Will try creating models for papers that describe transcriptional regulation
  • A caveat to this is that right now the MF branch for transcription factors is still under review, so we may have to make some changes to annotations in the future
    • However, it would still be good to work out the relations between the MFs and the BPs wrt transcription and upstream and downstream activities and processes
  • Google doc for entering papers and curation questions