GO-CHEBI pre-meeting

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Thursday 22 July 2010

  1. For the acid terms in GOCHE, Chris will find the conjugate bases in Chebi and replace the GOCHE acid terms with the Chebi conjugate bases. Once this is done Chris will redo the alignment and we suspect that GOCHE will align better with Chebi. We will then resolve the new issues in the alignment such as amino acids.
  2. For terms in GOCHE that have both is_a and has_functional_parent in Chebi, we will change those terms to 'X and derivative' in GOCHE and then we will enter all of the 'has_functional_parent' and is_a children from CHEBI as children of the 'X and derivative" term in GOCHE.
  3. For amino acid families, we will remove this classification from GOCHE because it represents the biosynthetic process, rather than a chemical structure. We will edit the actual GO to clean up these categorizations. For chiral amino acid racemization and its def need to be changed in GO to remove the reference to chiral.