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A field trip is planned to Antelope Island Monday afternoon for bird watching and photography. The island is about a 45 minute drive from the university and accessed via a causeway. You can tour the farm. This was a working sheep farm and ranch until (I think) about the 1950s.

[[1]] Official site

[[2]] - wikipedia site

wildlife and birds seen - List of Birds and Mammals

The island has interesting geology, migrating birds pass by and there is a herd of buffalo wandering about. The colors of the island seem different to any other place.

If this sounds like something you want to do, sign up so we can figure out how to get you all there.

Sign up list:

  1. Judy Blake
  2. Susan Tweedie
  3. Stacia Engel
  4. Harold Drabkin
  5. Mary Dolan
  6. Victoria Petri
  7. Pascale Gaudet
  8. Siddhartha Basu
  9. Rex Chisholm
  10. Midori Harris
  11. Suzi Lewis
  12. Michael Ashburner
  13. Mike Cherry
  14. Emily Dimmer
  15. Debby Siegele
  16. Jim Hu
  17. Mark Yandell
  18. Karen Eilbeck
  19. Paul Thomas
  20. Fiona McCarthy
  21. Chris Mungall
  22. Seth Carbon

Directions Take highway 15 North and exit at 332 Layton-Syracuse. Head West (left). You will drive through suburbia to the causeway. There is a fee station. It is 31 miles miles and takes roughly 45 minutes. Detailed map to the fee station.

Natural history photos and talk

Judy's friend Hobson Calhoun has kindly offered to talk to us about the natural history of the area. We have pencilled this in for 9pm on sunday after dinner. It will be held in the 6th floor conference room of the Eccles Institute of Human