GO Galaxy Workshop at Biocuration 2013

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A workshop on the new GO Galaxy server will be offered Monday, 8 April, during Biocuration 2013, being held 7-10 April 2013, in Cambridge UK

Galaxy is a data integration and analysis platform for the life sciences. GO Galaxy (http://galaxy.berkeleybop.org/) is free, Galaxy-based, public web server that provides a simple integrated environment in which ontological analysis tools can be linked into workflows.

The GO Tools page lists more than 50 tools for doing GO-based analyses but these are not well integrated. AmiGO/GOOSE offers some functionality such as slimming, enrichment, data extraction but these are difficult to chain together. The GO Galaxy server addresses these needs.

This workshop will introduce Galaxy and then demonstrate how to use Galaxy to do

  1. Basic genomic analysis, and
  2. Enrichment analysis using the GO Galaxy Server.

The motivating GO Galaxy application is enrichment analysis: Given a set of genes what biological process(es) is this set enriched for? A proposed standard for representing the results of term enrichment analyses is proposed so that the results from alternative tools can be directly compared.

Participants will gain specific knowledge about how to use Galaxy to perform these types of analysis, and repeat, reuse, share, and publish their analysis. This workshop is geared towards biologists. No programming or command line knowledge is assumed or required. A basic knowledge of ontology principles will be helpful.



There is not a separate registration for the workshop. However, you need to be registered for Biocuration to attend the workshop.

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