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Rotation schedule for the GO HelpDesk in 2017.

Name Week beginning on
Donghui 01-Jan
Kimberly 08-Jan
Harold 15-Jan
Edith 22-Jan
Tanya 29-Jan
Moni 06-Feb
Rob 13-Feb
NextHelper 20-Feb
NextHelper 27-Feb


  • At the end of your shift, please send an email to the next person on the list to remind them that their turn will begin the following week.
  • The software rota is concurrent with the main rota:

  • Moni's cheat-sheet: If the question relates to 'Subject', please email 'Contact'.
Subject Contact
AmiGO Seth Carbon
DictyBase Petra Fey
Fly David Osumi-Sutherland
GO Website Moni Munoz-Torres, Seth Carbon
MGI / Mouse Harold Drabkin, David Hill
Ontology GO Ontology Editors at go-ontology [at] mailman.stanford.edu
PAINT Paul Thomas, Huaiyu Mi
PomBase Valerie Wood
Production (server) Stuart Miyasato
QuickGO Melanie Courtot, Tony Swaford
SGD Edith Wong, Rob Nash
Software (general) go-software [at] mailman.stanford.edu
TAIR / Arabidopsis Tanya Berardini
UniProt Tony Swaford
WormBase Kimberly Van Auken

Rotation schedule for the GO HelpDesk in 2016.

Name Week beginning on
Donghui 04-Jan
Kimberly 11-Jan
Paola 18-Jan
Harold 25-Jan
Melanie 01-Feb
David 08-Feb
Edith 15-Feb
Tanya 22-Feb
Moni 29-Feb
Rob 07-Mar
Helen 14-Mar
Rachael 21-Mar
Victoria 28-Mar
Rebecca 04-Apr
Petra 11-Apr
Donghui 18-Apr
Kimberly 25-Apr
David 02-May
Harold 09-May
Melanie 16-May
Paola 23-May
Edith 30-May
Tanya 06-Jun
Moni 13-Jun
Rob 20-Jun
Donghui 27-Jun
Kimberly 04-Jul
David 11-Jul
Melanie 18-Jul
Harold 25-Jul
Paola 01-Aug
Moni 08-Aug
Edith 15-Aug
Tanya 22-Aug
Moni 29-Aug
Rob 05-Sep
Rebecca 12-Sep
Rachael 19-Sep
Donghui 26-Sep
Petra 03-Oct
Victoria 10-Oct
Helen 17-Oct
Kimberly 24-Oct
David 31-Oct
Paola (instead of Harold) 07-Nov
Melanie 14-Nov
Harold (instead of Paola) 21-Nov
Edith 28-Nov
Tanya 05-Dec
Moni 12-Dec
Rob 19-Dec


  • Victoria, Petra, Helen, Rachael, and Becky rotate twice a year. Most everyone else rotates four times a year; Moni rotates five times in 2016.