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Please suggest agenda items, relevant papers and other information relating to heart development GO terms that you would like discussed at this workshop, to enable us to form an agenda.


GO annotators GO Editors Heart Development Experts
Dr Varsha Khodiyar (BHF-UCL)
Dr Ruth Lovering (BHF-UCL)
Dr Doug Howe (ZFIN)
Dr Susan Tweedie (Flybase)
Dr Yasmin Alam-Faruque (GOA)
Dr Tanya Berardini
Dr David Hill
Professor Shoumo Bhattacharya
Professor Pete Scambler
Dr Ross Breckenridge
Dr Paul Riley


Tuesday 22nd September 2009, 9:15am to 5pm


Rockefeller building, room 339 UCL map Google map

UCL campus route finder

Directions from Rockefeller entrance to the meeting room - Go up to the 3rd floor in the lift in front of you. As you leave the lift on the third floor, bear left up the steps and through the door. Follow the corridor round to room 339.


9:15am Coffee and breakfast pastries
9:30am Welcome and introduction Varsha
9:35am Introduction to GO David
9:45am Check terms are applicable across Bilateria
* heart
* blood
* vessels
* SF - blood circulation
10:15am Cardiac precursor tissues and cells
* Development of primary and secondary heart fields
* cardiac muscle cell specification/differentiation/development
* cardiac endothelial cell specification/differentiation/development
* SF - symmetry/asymmetry,heart field, heart cone, precursor cell differentiation, endocardium,
11am Coffee break
11:45am Cardiac cell migration, Heart morphogenesis
* morphogenic and migratory changes to those cell populations as they move towards formation of the heart tube
* L/R patterning
* neural crest contribution to the heart
* SF - cell migration, heart tube, heart looping and jogging
12:30pm Lunch at Ask on Grafton Way. Menu
2pm Continue with Cardiac cell migration, Heart morphogenesis
2:45pm Heart structure formation
* heart chamber, septum, trabeculae, valves
* SF - heart hypertrophy, septum morphogenesis, chamber development, heart valves
3:45pm Coffee break
4pm Cardiac conduction
* development of the electrical signaling systems of the heart
* SF - cardiac conduction
5pm Close



Current Heart Development Ontology Terms

The currently available heart development process ontology can be viewed here chart (May 2009)

The 38 GO IDs used to create this graph:

GO:0001947 GO:0003007 GO:0007507 GO:0007510 GO:0007512 GO:0007513 GO:0010002 GO:0035050 GO:0035051 GO:0035052 GO:0035053 GO:0035054 GO:0042684 GO:0042685 GO:0048738 GO:0048739 GO:0055003 GO:0055004 GO:0055005 GO:0055006 GO:0055007 GO:0055008 GO:0055009 GO:0055010 GO:0055011 GO:0055012 GO:0055014 GO:0055015 GO:0055017 GO:0060038 GO:0060214 GO:0060317 GO:0060347 GO:0060379 GO:0060411 GO:0060412 GO:0060413 GO:0060419

heart morphological structure development (19 terms) chart:

GO:0001947 GO:0003007 GO:0007507 GO:0007512 GO:0035050 GO:0035054 GO:0048738 GO:0048739 GO:0055008 GO:0055009 GO:0055010 GO:0055017 GO:0060214 GO:0060317 GO:0060347 GO:0060411 GO:0060412 GO:0060413 GO:0060419

differentiation of specific cardiac cell types (20 terms) chart:

GO:0007510 GO:0007513 GO:0010002 GO:0035051 GO:0035052 GO:0035053 GO:0042684 GO:0042685 GO:0055003 GO:0055004 GO:0055005 GO:0055006 GO:0055007 GO:0055011 GO:0055012 GO:0055014 GO:0055015 GO:0060038 GO:0060317 GO:0060379

Relevant papers and other resources

Zebrafish papers

Recent review on signaling involved in development of the second heart field - Rochais et al., 2009 PMID:19390062

Differences in cardiomyocyte differentiation b/t mice and zebrafish - de Pater et al., 2009 PMID:19395641

Zebrafish mutants affecting several aspects of heart tube development and morphogenesis - Rohr et al., 2006 PMID:16319113

Review of Zebrafish heart development, covers L/R patterning, morphogenesis - Bakkers et al., 2009 PMID:19371733

Good cartoon of zebrafish heart anatomy - Hu et al., 2001 PMID:11505366

Zebrafish genetics and vertebrate heart formation Stainier 2001 PMID:11253067

Neural Crest papers

Another key role for the cardiac neural crest in heart development.Rosenquist TH and Finnell 2007 PMID:17098821

Fate of the mammalian cardiac neural crest.Jiang et al., 2000 PMID:10725237

Cardiac neural crest in zebrafish - Sato and Yost, 2003 PMID:12710962

Other reviews

Heart Development in Developmental Biology - Dev. Biology (Gilbert, 6th edition)

Signaling pathways controling second heart field development - Rochais et al., 2009 PMID:19390062

Origin and fate of cardiac mesenchyme - Snarr et al., 2008 PMID:18816864

Cardiac Progenitors and the Embryonic Cell Cycle - Goetz and Conlon, 2007 PMID:17712230

Cardiovascular Embryology Animations

Mouse Anatomy Browser - Heart

FMA human anatomy browser- Heart

Relevant Source Forge items


1. Cardiac muscle cell development was covered by the muscle group, but it won't hurt to give it a review (David)

2. In GO, heart does indeed refer to the dorsal vessel of arthropods, but I'm not sure we will have time to cover it in this meeting other than to make sure we are not inconsistent with the representation of its development (David)

3. specific terms we need to incorporate into the ontology (Varsha)
* atrioventricular conduction (PMID:10587520 for annotation of NKX2-5 P52952)
* septum secundum development (PMID:10587520 for annotation of NKX2-5 P52952)