Hinxton OBO-Edit/Protege 4 workshop Jan 2012

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EBI, Courtyard Room. January 30-31 2012

We're looking at running a fairly small, informal training workshop for using Protege 4 for ontology development, especially using it wrt OWL/OBO interconversion and editing in Protege and OBO-Edit simultaneously. It'll be very much a hands-on thing, largely for the benefit of the Gene Ontology developers, but we'd be happy for others to sit in if they were interested.

Tentative Schedule

Day 1

  • Overview and objectives (Chris)
  • An introduction to OWL (Chris)
  • obo to owl and back (David OS)
    • OBO-OWL cheat sheet
    • Anatomy ontology examples
    • Automating multiple classification
    • Automatic error detection
    • OBO-Edit Guide (SKIP THIS - read in advance if you are interested)
    • Quick guide to Protege
    • Introducing the tutorial ontology
  • Converting obo to owl: Basic features of Oort (Chris)
  • Demo of OBO-Edit/P4 dual-editing [David OS]
    • Note: we hope to have a 2.1.1b that makes this even easier
  • P4 tutorial [David OS? Simon and James?]

Day 2

  • Relations Ontology (Chris)
    • Summary of current status
    • Macro relations (advanced - see how we're doing for time)
  • Working with multiple ontologies
    • Ontology extensions (aka cross-products)
    • An introduction to owl:imports
      • Working with owl:imports in P4 (David)
      • Limitation of imports in OE (Chris)
    • Imports vs merging in subsets
      • Extracting ontology subsets: Oort guide, part 2 (Chris/David)
    • Case studies:
      • Drosophila anatomy ontology (David)
      • Cell ontology (Chris)
      • Protein ontology (Chris)
    • Using CL in GO - bp-xp-cl logical definitions
    • Using CHEBI/GOCHE in GO - bp-xp-chebi logical definitions
    • Managing dependencies
      • Ontology "builds" and The OBO Jenkins environment
  • Hands on ontology editing (everyone)
    • Split into groups?
  • Advanced topics (if we have time)
    • Gene associations in OWL (Chris)
  • Discussion
    • GO editors requirements for 2012 (Editors)
      • OBO-Edit
      • Protege 4
      • TermGenie
      • GO-Jenkins

Preliminary list of participants:

Chris Mungall (Berkeley) (V)

Tanya Berardini (TAIR)

Judith Blake (GO, MGI)

Karen Eilbeck (SO, Univ. of Utah) (Vegan)

Rebecca Foulger (GO, EBI)

Midori Harris (PomBase, University of Cambridge)

David Hill (MGI)

Harold Drabkin (MGI)

Jane Lomax (GO, EBI)

David Osumi-Sutherland (FlyBase, University of Cambridge)

Karen Christie (SGD)

Paola Roncaglia (GO, EBI)

James Malone (EBI)

Simon Jupp (EBI)

John Ison (EBI)

Marcus Ennis (CHEBI, EBI)

Emily Dimmer (GOA)

Marta Costa (Virtual FlyBrain)

Michael Schroeder (Technische Universität Dresden)

Thomas Wächter (Technische Universität Dresden)

Useful links:

Software and downloads Required

You should have the following installed on your laptop prior to the workshop:

  • Protege4 4.1 recommended. You could also install 4.2alpha side by side
    • Plugins (some of these may be distributed with P4 already):
      • ELK
  • OBO-Edit 2.1
    • Note: we may have a 2.1.1beta ready to try
  • The Oort GUI
  • An svn client; see Apache Subversion for subversion software


You should check out the tutorial files, which are arranged in separate directories:

 svn co https://oboformat.googlecode.com/svn/docs/tutorial

When you get to Hinxton you'll make sure you're up to date:

 cd tutorial
 svn update

Note that if you cannot use svn, you can still download the files individually click here to navigate - however, it's strongly recommended you get a working svn client installed before the meeting.

SVN clients:

  • Command line (linux/mac): The standard client is just called "svn" - type this on the command line to see if you have it
  • Windows users: Tortoise recommended
  • Mac users (who prefer GUIs): Smart SVN pro

Reading List

Read / refresh yourself before workshop:

  • Cross-Product Extensions of the Gene Ontology Journal of Biomedical Informatics 2010. Christopher J. Mungall and Michael Bada and Tanya Z. Berardini and Jennifer Deegan and Amelia Ireland and Midori A. Harris and David P. Hill and Jane Lomax
    • Note: the formatting is a little screwed up in the html version - download the pdf
    • Familiarity with this will help for the session on working with multiple ontologies

Additional material:

  • OWL2-primer (ADVANCED)
    • Note: if you read this you should select "manchester syntax" as the display option (software developers choose "functional syntax")
    • You can ignore: 4.7, 4.8 (datatypes), 5.4, 6.3 (keys), all of section 7 (datatypes), section 9

Meeting Logistics



Monday 30th, Dinner:

Name Accommodation 29th 30th 31st Vegetarian (Y/N)
Chris Mungall Campus Y Y - Y
Judith Blake Campus Y Y -
David Hill Campus - Y -
Tanya Berardini Campus - Y -
Harold Drabkin Campus Y Y Y
Karen Christie Campus Y Y Y
Karen Eilbeck Campus Y Y Y