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The Gene Ontology Consortium's Community Annotation Wiki for Immunology


In order to promote our work annotating genes of immunological interest using the Gene Ontology, we have set up a wiki to allow members of the community of experimental immunologists and other interested parties to review GO annotation of their genes of interest and provide us with additional information to guide our annotation efforts for these genes. Note that at present there is no dedicated funding to support the annotation of genes associated with immunological processes, although some annotation of these genes occurs as part of other annotation efforts.

The wiki consists of a set of gene-specific pages that each provide links to general information and existing GO annotation for a given human gene and its orthologs in other species. A separate section of the gene page is set up for editing by users to provide us with information that we will then use to make additional GO annotations for that gene. We are particularly interested in aspects of the biology for a particular gene that are not currently represented in its existing GO annotation. Information regarding a particular gene in any species is welcome.

A second set of pages lists important immunological processes, again providing links to existing GO annotation and having a section for editing by users to provide information that may lead to additional GO annotation.

Our focus on immunology annotation follows upon an extensive revision of the Gene Ontology to provide a more comprehensive representation of immunologically important processes (1). You may explore GO terms for immune system processes using the GO Consortium's Amigo Browser.

Scientists are encouraged to provide input for specific genes or processes to the gene or process specific pages. We will review information provided through the wiki on a timely basis, and notify users of how their contributions have resulted in GO annotations.

The Wiki Pages

Immunologically Important Genes

Immunologically Important Biological Processes

Explanation of Gene Prioritization

Suggestions for New GO Terms Related to Immunology

Background and Instructions

Related GO Immunology Publications


Example of a gene page: IL1A[1]


Wiki implemented by Alexander Diehl.

Wiki Design

Alexander Diehl, Mouse Genome Informatics, The Jackson Laboratory

Ruth Lovering, HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee

Evelyn Camon, Gene Ontology Annotation (GOA) at the European Bioinformatic Institute

Jamie Lee, ImmPort and UT Southwestern Medical Center

Richard Scheuermann, ImmPort and UT Southwestern Medical Center

Judith Blake, Mouse Genome Informatics, The Jackson Laboratory

Thanks to the Gene Ontology Consortium.

Thanks especially to all contributers to the wiki.