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[[Minutes from Lung Development Meeting, December 2007]]
[[Minutes from Lung Development Meeting, December 2007]]

Reference genome targets for [[December 2009]] 

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Lung Meeting Action Items from the December meeting.

Minutes from Lung Development Meeting, December 2007

Reference genome targets for December 2009 

Mary Dolan has produced graphs for the lung development terms:

JPG: ftp://ftp.informatics.jax.org/pub/curatorwork/GOGraphs/GO_0030324.jpg
SVG: ftp://ftp.informatics.jax.org/pub/curatorwork/GOGraphs/GO_0030324.svg

Note that at present there is no dedicated funding to support the annotation of genes associated with lung development, although some annotation of these genes occurs as part of other annotation efforts.

Lung Meeting Action Items from the December meeting.

Update (2010-04-26)

Most of the 'anatomical terms' were not added because the experts at the meeting didn't ever think that we would need them. The ontology file that you see on the wiki was a file that we started based on a summer student project where the student basically made the anatomy-development cross products. At the meeting and the lung experts wanted to start again from scratch. It was their opinion that lung biologists don't study the development of the lung in anatomical detail that is found in the mouse anatomical dictionary. As an interesting aside, this was the exact opposit of the opionion of the experts who came to the CNS meeting and wanted a detailed anatomical representation.

The current state of GO reflects the input of the experts that were at the meeting, input form us as we have annotated lung papers and a lot of work that Tanya and David have done based on listening to talks at the SDB meeting.