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We are provisionally planning to run a lung content meeting on the 5-6th December in Boston. David is making the initial edits based on a graph left by a summer student. Jennifer will edit by remote during the content meeting.

David will work on a separate graph until the cardio/muscle file is committed and then we will take a branch from the live file and combine the two to be stored in scratch for the remaining duration of the work.

To see further notes on this please see the google spreadsheet with the usual goconsortium login.

Number range is GO:0012600 to GO:0014000

The branch point from the live file is:

format-version: 1.2
date: 31:10:2007 17:21
saved-by: midori
auto-generated-by: OBO-Edit 1.101
subsetdef: goslim_candida "Candida GO slim"
subsetdef: goslim_generic "Generic GO slim"
subsetdef: goslim_goa "GOA and proteome slim"
subsetdef: goslim_pir "PIR GO slim"
subsetdef: goslim_plant "Plant GO slim"
subsetdef: goslim_yeast "Yeast GO slim"
subsetdef: gosubset_prok "Prokaryotic GO subset"
default-namespace: gene_ontology
remark: cvs version: $Revision: 5.533 $