Lung Meeting Action Items

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Action items

SF item on plant branching.

Sourceforge is not letting me submit items. I will submit this later:

We have been working with the term abaxial/adaxial pattern specification and we would like to have this term made species neutral.   
It is currently defined such that abaxial is the side far from the stem and adaxial is the side close to the stem. Would it be okay  
if we just take the stem text out and let people interpret the term according to their species?

Regionalization terms

Make regionalization terms for all relevant axes of the lung.

Send out file

Generate a flat file of terms we made today. Send to the participants. Consolidate changes first.

a) text stanzas.
b) OBO file to use in OBO-Edit

left lung, right lung etc.

These terms could be left to be looked at but we won't merge them into the new terms yet.

Make a new term 'lung anatomical structure development' and put the left, right, lobar bronchus terms under there. Then people who don't want to see the anatomical terms don't look there.

Wellington to send David all the pdfs that he was reading today


Judy will put text on a wiki to let us continue to work on this.