Lung branching morphogenesis genes (Archived)

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This set of genes was selected to support knowledge representation for the biological process of ‘branching involved in lung morphogenesis’. The MGI group supplied the initial gene set of 12 genes based on recent MGI PI interest in branching morphogenesis and lung development. The branching terminology has been recently updated, and curation of mouse papers concerned with branching morphogenesis resulted in the gene set provided here. The set of 12 genes contributing to this biological process is thus considered complete at this time. Because two of the 12 genes [Shh and Fgf10] had previously been selected for comprehensive annotation, they are not included in Dec 2009 target list.

December 2009 targets

Annotation Progress

High priority targets are in red

Panther ID set label E.coli SGD S. pombe dictyBase TAIR WormBase Zebrafish FlyBase Chicken MGI RGD Human Dag1 - no Dicty - done (1 of 4) done Foxf1a (family also assigned in November 2009) done(4) no Dicty - done(1) done in progress done done (1) Rdh10 - no Dicty - done done(3) no EXP done done done (1) Bmp4 - no Dicty - in progress done Hhex - no Dicty - done(1) No D.rerio done done done (1) Hoxa5 done no Dicty done(2) done(1) done done Ctnnb1 done no Dicty done(2) done (1) done done Wnt2/2b - no Dicty - done done Lama1 - no Dicty - No elegans done done done (1)