Lung development genes

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The MGI group supplied the initial gene set of 14 genes based on recent MGI PI interest in lung development.

November 2009 targets

Annotation Progress

Panther ID set label E.coli SGD S. pombe dictyBase TAIR WormBase Zebrafish FlyBase Chicken MGI RGD Human Ascl1 no homolog done(3) done done (2) Fgf8/10 (also assigned in December) no homolog - done done (2) Foxa2 - done Gata6 done(21) done Gli2/3 - done done (2) Hnf4a - done done (1) Kdr - done Nkx2-1 - done done (2) Ptch1 done(2) done Rara - done Sox18 (Sox8?) done(1) done done done (4) Vegfa - done