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  • Why are there so many emails from Source Forge?
    • Jane- SF went through an upgrade. she will send an email to the managers
  • JIRA- moving to the JIRA instance at TAIR for go-help only
    • we decided to move to the TAIR because they have better set up.
  • Next GOC meeting at BarHarbor
    • First weekend of October 4-6th (Friday, Saturday, 1/2 day Sunday)
  • Spring 2014 meeting likely to be at Texas. Jim Hu is looking into it. Early March, later in April.
  • Suzi- SAB notes-
    • good and bad applications of GO
    • they did not like the NIF tool list. What can we do?
    • some of the tools are not being actively maintained. how do we find out how current they are etc? Send email twice a year and ask for updates?
    • put together course material? Judy will work with Ruth and Mike (and whoever else).
    • Blog once a month? Top 10 good applications of GO
  • General impression of the SAB meeting?
    • We all met just in the morning and then we did not know what happened.
    • PaulS: PIs should may be meet with SAB for an hour, but otherwise all discussions should be open.