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Projects on the GO website

Currently, there are 2 places where the cardiovascular project is listed:

From the top horizontal menu>community>GO projects is this link:

Then from the top horizontal menu>community>related projects is this link: And

It would be good to have the link only in one place.

How can we categorize the project pages better? Annotation/ontology-focus, funding, current vs. finished projects?

Also, it is important to have a list of contributing people at the end of every project page.

We wanted to have a page that had something like a network diagram to organize/display the web site. We haven't assigned anyone to that task. Although this will be great, we still need to classify the pages in some way. Is the network diagram going to be the only way to navigate around the web site? Assigning resources to web site organization will be discussed on the GO-TOP call.

Follow-up from latest consortium meeting

  • Future plans for LEGO and ORION curation
    • Schedule regular annotation calls and training specifically dedicated to LEGO-style curation?
    • Focus on specific examples to start, e.g. a conserved cellular process, a multicellular organism process, a developmental process, etc.

Important to keep on the front burner. Wait until Seth and Heiko are back to get an estimate about what to do with the prototype tool. Is there a place to record feature requests? They have a github tracker. Paul T is managing this. Send requests to Paul T. For now we can also put these on GO-discuss. There have been calls about the tool Fridays at 2PM. This call will be opened up to more people.

  • CANTO - plans for incorporating CANTO into the CAF
    • Link from GO website?
    • How to promote this?
  • Migrating other groups to CAT/Protein2GO
    • What other groups will migrate?
    • What are the issues preventing groups from migrating?

The people who are going to Toronto will meet to discuss some of this.

Update on Paint: New way to use paint? Use paint to get an overview of the whole protein family. There is some merit to having people work on areas of biology that they know well and then to present the paint findings to the rest of the group. Maybe still do cell cycle once Val has finished the S. pombe annotations? That sounds like a good idea. Jane and Val will do a presentation at one of the upcoming annotation calls.