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PAINT workshop

Dates are set for the Stanford PAINT workshop. December 10-13th (yes, 4 days). Rama will make a meeting logistics page (for attendees).

Logistics page is up: Agenda page is:

Update on GOC website landing page design

Seth will work with Rama and Ranjana to come up with what the page should be etc. Ideally we want something to show our SAB in Spring.


Kimberley mentioned that they are all set to curate into protein2GO (they have cleaned up and uploaded their annotations into protein2GO). Rachael and Kimberley will post documentation on what they have done so far on the wiki.

Keeping curators informed

Kimberely was concerned that curators who don't attend the GOC meetings are not current with what is happening in GOC (at a higher level, for example about moving to protein2GO, LEGO etc). While the Annotation calls do a great job in addressing issues in annotations, all curators don't have a good idea of the big ideas the GOC is working on. Rama mentioned that she was considering talking about it at the next Annotation call. Judy suggested that the managers could give an update at these meetings so people are kept in the loop. At the next annotation call, we will mention that there are several resources available for remote attendees to keep current: call into meetings, read the minutes, agenda etc. In addition a representative who attends the GOC meeting could go back to their group and give an meeting report during their regular group meeting (Rama does this for SGD).

Prioritize Ontology development

  • cell cycle after apoptosis?


Now that we have a second contest planned, we can send the Tag line and make sure the logo matches the tag line (something directed). Also send email out to more forums so we can get more input. Many of us did like the logo Amelia created for the 10 year anniversary.