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GO managers call, Aug 11, 2010

  • Review objectives/planning forward for each group.

These reports are currently collected under the Progress Reports section of the GO wiki


Present: Judy, Kara, Pascale, Rachael, Rama, Chris

  • Time line for the various groups is looking good. We want these time lines to be updated.
  • We need some sort of Monthly GANT chart. If there is a software to update these, we shd look into it.
  • Progress reports
    • It is nice for NIH to be able to look at all the progress reports. It is very useful for multiple purposes. We will ask MODs to prepare one and get them on the wiki before Dec 2010. Rama will create a page for GRANT 2010 and add links.
  • Papers/posters: If you are writing a paper, please acknowledge the GO grant and please bring this to the attention of the GO-tops. These should be included in the monthly reports.
  • Chris is working on a paper with Peter (on GO and Reactome) and another one on cross-product term submission tool.
  • Mailing list-Should we call this mailing list annotation since this is mostly for annotation related issues because we already have a go mailing list. How is this different. This mailing list is for external people also, while the GO mailing list is mainly for the GOC members. This mailing list is for a wider audience. Rama will send an email out to all the emails in the lists that are going to be merged.