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Present: Suzi, Rachael, Jane, David

Minutes: Rachael

Old Business

New Business

  • We've received this email from one of the ex PAMGO PIs who has been funded for a new GO annotation project for microbial bioenergy processes. I've said we'd discuss it at the next managers call but in principle we'd be happy to collaborate when we have sufficient resources. I also suggested that they try and employ at least one person with experience with ontology development so they can do the term generation themselves, which takes the burden off us. That way we could be more involved in the broader brush stuff, and leave them to do the day term additions.

Pascale, Jane and Michelle have had contact from various microbial groups. Notre Dame and Boston Uni have contacted Suzi, who has set up a meeting next tuesday to figure out funding support for these groups. Viral groups are interested in standards, Swiss-Prot are developing viral GO terms.

Suzi suggests listing all of these groups in a single location. ACTION: Jane will set up this page.

Protein complexes meeting at ISMB: Wait until Terry gets back for minutes. Basically a meet and greet.

Evidence code discussion had already been sorted prior to the meeting.

Suzi and gotops will circulate the grant shortly

David - meeting with ChEBI next week, We have finished representing chemicals in GO and have merged with Chebi - pretty consistent overall. Will meet with Chebi to sort out inconsistent issues in GO. Chebi people will join David etc. to discuss differences/similarities in chemical representations. Aim to use Chebi to represent chemicals in GO and then generate cross products. First will produce cross-products from GOCHE terms, some will be in GOCHE but not in Chebi, will leave these out of cross-products as they are not chemicals.

Suzi - cross products for external vocabularies, Chebi and cell type, how are they going?

David - Chebi will be completed by end of year.

Jane - logistics of maintaining cross-products will need to be discussed.

Suzi - do we use Uberon (Universal anatomy ontology), species-specific ones, anatomy? Can we support these in the next five years?

David - will look more closely with Chris, Uberon won't do 100%. David hopes 5 years will be plenty of time, depending on what we focus on. Chemical representation in GO was a mess, we have made a lot of progress with Chebi. Cell type ontology development is very different.

Suzi - Chebi was different too?

David - yes it was.