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Emily, Pascale, Rama, Chris, Paul S, Suzi, Judy, David, Paul T

Action items

  • Rama? Make the meeting rota for 2011
  • ACTION ITEM: Chris to talk with Andrew to see how much time it would involve to retrieve mined annotations from Gene Wiki

Discussion topics

Yearly GO report

The yearly report is almost done, just missing some data from the EBI and some stats from Mike C.



  • ECO: Chris, Rama, Karen C, had a call with Michelle G and Marcus on the Evidence Ontology. This seems ready to go anytime now, it should be committed soon.
  • has_part conference call took place on Monday (minutes: )

Reference Genome

At the monthly meeting yesterday (Dec 14) we discussed how we'll proceed for tree annotations: between now and the end of January, curators (Li, Mike, Rama, maybe Kimberly, Pascale, Dmitry, Donghui) will try to annotate as many trees as possible. The goal is 40-80 hours so we'll have some metrics about the rate of curation. Mike and Pascale have assigned 20 trees per curator to start: Tree_annotation_progress

Ontology Development

  • Working on GOCHE - there will be a meeting in Feb

There are a number of terms in GO not aligned with CheBI, but it's very difficult to request terms from CheBI, since you need to provide them with a structure, or a specific definition.

  • Transcription: Rama was asking if this reorganization was finished. David: Karen is still working on a few things, to align other transcription with polII, and also change reverse transcriptase representation. David and Karen meet every Friday. Rama would like to make a deadline to make sure this gets 'finished' (or at least we move on to something else).
  • Signaling:

Pascale is wondering: are we reverting all the changes Jen made? David, looks like it. At the next annotation call (Jan 10th 2011) Rebecca will present the proposed changes. Those changes will be committed soon after that meeting. There will also be a signaling meeting in February. Rebecca suggests we have another call in March, because at the signaling meeting an annotation guide will be developed.

GO Slims

  • new generic GO Slim has been released.
  • Previous meeting action: Emily to ask groups to provide an abstract describing background/usage for each predefined GO slim


  • GO Help -> Move to using Request Tracker?(service available to projects from EBI) Emily.
  • Amina is leaving at the end of the year. In the meantime, Nomi will do some work on OBO edit.
  • Judy is asking whether we'll keep on using OBO edit as the main ontology editor in GO. Chris says we'll keep on supporting it, at least for now. The best approach would be to use different tools for different purposes, for example visualization.
  • Update on the hiring: (Chris please fill in! )
  • Jane's contract has been extended 3 years


Previous meeting action: Jane to write a description of the GO managers roles (ongoing)

  • Is there a date decided on for the next GOC meeting yet? People here want to start booking flights. Either May or July. GO tops will finalize and announce this.
  • contact Andrew Su from Gene Wiki to retrieve mined annotations (Jane): Chris and Midori did some mapping a while ago (automated and then manually checked). It might make sense to run it again. We should also make reciprocal links if possible. ACTION ITEM: Chris to talk with Andrew to see how much time it would involve to retrieve mined annotations from Gene Wiki.
  • Do we really need to avoid placing the tcon pin numbers in all public forums (incl. mail lists)? Let's try using brackets in the future. For example: XXX [XXX ]XXXX Do not use string 'pass' in the email.
  • GO Help coverage over Christmas. (Emily): Should we set up a vacation message? people agree.